Fabian Cangas

Our Chef

Chef Fabián Cangas, was born in Mendoza, famous land of wines in Argentina. Despite his youth he has worked at the Sheraton Hotel (Buenos Aires), Café Noir (New York), Bistro El Pelícano (Sydney) and has done a vacuum cooking course at El Celler de Can Roca (Girona).

He is passionate

Creativity in the Kitchen.

Settled for more than a decade in Spain, he chose Marbella as his base to develop his culinary activity. He is passionate about creativity in the kitchen, applied to seasonal products, without losing the flavor of traditional recipes. Because of this, he travels every time he can to visit the best markets and restaurants in the world, to generate new ideas every season. From his position as partner and head chef of Casanis Bistrot Marbella, Fabián Cangas makes sure that every detail makes the difference.

Organic Foods

Our Garden

Highest Quality.

In our quest to offer the highest quality possible, we have decided to cultivate our own garden, controlling the process and staying away from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

As a result, we can assure that the vegetables we use in our dishes are 100% natural, fresh, tasty and free from any chemicals.

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